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Everyone who needs a doctor, wants a “good” one. But what makes a doctor “good” and where can one find a quality doctor. Enormous amounts of money have been expended in efforts to devise systems for measuring medical quality and grading physicians. None of these systems has ever demonstrated any level of reliability. That’s right, none. Neither is position a guarantee. Physicians of widely varying talents can be found at the finest teaching institutions and the smallest community clinics.

All doctors are licensed and certified, but does that mean that they are all equal? All drivers are licensed and know how to drive their cars. But some people drive carefully and attentively while others drive recklessly and are distracted by unrelated activities, such as operating a cell phone. The person swerving and holding up traffic in front of you could be a doctor relaying, by cell phone, critical medical decisions for some unsuspecting patient while being distracted by driving!

No two people are alike and individual health problems are all unique. We all react differently to disease. When I need a doctor, I want my doctor to pay attention to me. I want my doctor to think about what might be the best way to treat me, regardless of any cookbook guidelines bought and paid for by third parties that don’t know me and don’t care about me whatsoever. I want my doctor to be experienced and knowledgeable but also willing to read and learn something about my case. I want a doctor who is careful and concerned. Above all, I want a doctor who is honest, ethical and professional. After all, I may need to trust that doctor with my life.

I expect most people who need a doctor are looking for the same kinds of things. I know of many very fine physicians in this area. I am also familiar and have maintained contact with all the major medical schools in Chicago as well as the Mayo Clinic. If you need a doctor for a serious illness and are unsure who to trust, I can recommend a “good” doctor or institution for your particular problem . . . or at least help you avoid the reckless drivers.


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