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Facing the possibility of a major operation is an emotional experience. Major surgery can change your life, save your life, or end your life. In any case, it is one of the most important events of your life.

For the patient in need of major surgery, the stakes are staggering. And except for the occasional patient who is also a physician, patients cannot hope to gain an understanding of the complex processes involved. After all the discussions and explanations are over, each patient must place his or her trust in a surgeon. Surgeons who respect their patient's values and involve their patients in their care will have better outcomes, and patients who partner with their surgeons will recover faster and more fully. The pre-surgical process should never feel like an approaching freight train. If you need major surgery, don't be afraid to stop and think.

We can provide you with a second opinion if you need one, or just another opinion if you want one. We can evaluate your problem and make a recommendation based upon the information you already have, or we may recommend additional diagnostic testing if indicated. If surgery is not the best approach, we are more than happy to tell you that. We are never looking for work. On the other hand, if you have been told not to have surgery, and surgery is the best option for you, we will tell you that too, even if we refer you elsewhere.

Patients should always go into the operating room with complete confidence that they are doing the right thing.


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